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7-May-2012 :
today..... after bearish open and volatile trend, niftyf maybe close in bullish trend. major trend change time near 10:14, 12:34, 1:33, 2:52. watch this time and follow trend. buy niftyf near 5020 tgt 5120, 5160 till 9 May. today niftyf levels 4959, 4988, 5020, 5060, 5095, 5125, 5155, 5188. above 5020 bullish trend............ in May month,,,,, market trend maybe very very volatile trend. every day market trend maybe change. like T-20 match. Niftyf maybe trade 5080-5120 to 5380-5420 range. above 5280 bullish and below 5240 bearish trend. 4th week of May month will very very volatile. watch our daily predictions for nifty and stocks trend and levels, which update @ 9am. daily. Shareastrology Team